Friday, January 17, 2014

Save your emails - 2

     Recently because of some issue, all mails in my outlook got deleted. Wipe Clean! It seems there was some issue which at Outlook which did this for many user. I posted a blog some time back (long time back rather) on how to save mails. It came handy to me and I could recover my mails. As now this procedure is way more simpler so I thought i should share this.
    Firstly, True Switch is no more available. But you don't need it now.

1. Backup Gmail to Outlook
    a. Goto Outlook -> Settings -> More Mail settings
    b. Click on Import email accounts which will take you to import  gmail email and contact which is pretty straight forward.

    c.  Add this outlook account as forwarding address in gmail as mentioned in my previous post.

2. Backup Outlook to Gmail
   a. Goto Gmail setting -> Accounts -> check mail from other accounts

    Give outlook id to import emails. Also set this gmail id as forward address in outlook.

Cant emphasis more on keeping backup as you never what may happen!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Apple is going down and may go down even more!

If I say that I will sell you a phone which drops connection all the time, which doesn't have copy paste, mms feature. You probably have to change your network provider to use that phone and it will have lots of other missing features. Although its missing some of the basic functionality of phone, but it will still be sold at way higher price than other phones. Would you like to buy it? probably not but people waited for 6hrs and stood in long queue to get hold of first iphone! So why people behave like that with Apple products.

Apple is not a technology company, its a lifestyle brand. You may not be happy with the technological problems with the apple product but still you will feel proud carrying it and cant say anything bad about the product. It carries that status symbol. There is a "coolness" attach with each of the apple product and apparently you "think different" carrying that product. A big push to this is given by the design of apple product. No one in the earth can deny that Apple make beautiful, sleek products which again make a life style statement. Look at this video to see the funny side of it.

Apple was able to convince people to buy such expensive product with average functionality features because of Steve Jobs. A charismatic person that he was, can lure you to believe that if you are carrying apple product then you are cool, you "think different" etc. As a lifestyle brand this is much needed proposition and it enabled Apple make billions of dollar with their 3-4 products (each with numerous versions).

Now, after Steve Jobs sudden demise and nothing else changed, Apple is suddenly not cool anymore. It lost its status symbol. This has also been capitalized very well by Samsung by introducing whole lot of phones with cheaper prices and way more functionality.

Apple shares are plummeting and it may well continue to plummet until it becomes "cool" and its lifestyle brand position again. But it seems hard very hard for Apple to do that without Steve job. This has always been a disadvantage of having such a charismatic leader in your company which has been articulated well by Jim colllins as well in his book. They take company to a new high and make it very successful. People end up recognizing the company with that leader but after they are gone, suddenly none can relate with the companies product anymore and its very difficult to maintain that success of the company afterwords.